Oldest Civil Society Think Tank, Research and Training Centre in Bangladesh since 1972


Welcome to BILIA

Founded in 1972 the Bangladesh Institute of Law and International Affairs (BILIA) is the leading institution in South Asia for advanced research in legal and international affairs. Based in Dhaka, BILIA specializes in strategic cross-sector fields and innovates solutions through multidisciplinary analysis.

BILIA is an autonomous, non-partisan, non-profit and independent institution with an analytical and solution oriented perspective in areas related to and impinging on peace, security, development, rule of law, human rights and democratic governance.

BILIA is a center of excellence for developing public-private synergies of ideas and strategies to face the existing and emerging challenges of the 21st century. The Institute focuses on Asia in general, South Asia and Southeast Asia in particular, and specifically Bangladesh.

BILIA is a primary source of accurate, objective information on regional security and strategic issues as well as on issues, which have a domestic or international legal dimension and implication.

BILIA is a source of independent analysis, informed dialogue and debate and influential ideas on how to build a prosperous and secure world for all. It is a prime focal point in Bangladesh for leading strategic thinkers, lawyers, diplomats, foreign affairs analysts, economists, the military, policy analysts, bureaucrats, defence commentators, journalists, academics and the civil society.

The publications of BILIA are read by key decision-makers and are commented upon within the government.


BILIA's mission includes:

  • promoting and providing for studies and research in law, international politics, security studies, regional studies, governance, economics, human rights and jurisprudence.
  • producing independent and rigorous analysis on critical global, regional and country specific challenges.
  • offering new ideas to decision-makers and shapers on how this could best be tackled from short to long term.
  • fostering linkages and collaboration among institutions focusing on studies related to conflict, conflict resolution, cooperation, stability and security in South Asia.